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The Floor Walker

    Here's a feature that I think could be useful. How about a "Hours Slept" box in the health section. Recently, I've been interested in tracking my performance in comparison to the amount of sleep I've been getting. What do you think?

    gimme some sugar, baby

      As someone who has incredible problems sleeping, you might not want to do this. When I started tracking the hours sleeping I started thinking too much about it and got some terrible sleeping problems from it. But that's just me.
      George: Runner/Law Student
        George does have a point. If you that's what you want, let me know, and I'll add it. It's not hard to add new fields. eric Smile

        12 Monkeys

          I have seen other online logs allow you to track sleep, calories consumed, AM heart rate, weight, whether or not you are sick, etc. It is nice to log this, and I also like to see it. Eric, I think all these vital statistics should be in a separate place from activities, since they are independent. T
            Hi guys, I've updated my list of to dos to include this. eric Smile