Sunday as an option to be the first day of the week. (Read 594 times)

Camp Muir

    Sorry if this is a repeat question. I can't find an option to make Sunday the first day of my running log week Undecided That is my strong preference. Other than that small issue: runningahead.com is the perfect running log site! Smile

    Gandalf the Grey

      Hi Jimlup If you use the 'Options' at the top right hand side of your page and then click on 'Locale Settings' you'll see that you can choose your start day. I hope that helps - this is a great running community eh? Regards Neil UK

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      Camp Muir

        Thanks! Yeah that worked - I thought I had seen it as an option somewhere. Don't know why I didn't set it up that way in the first place. Must have been sidetracked. Yes, this site is an excellent resource.