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    Hi all,

    If the training log records what has happened, then the training plan records what will happen.  Instead of creating everything at once, training plan support will come in phases.  I am happy to announce the first installment of training plan support.


    This release consists of the training plan editor.  You can find it under the "Training Plans" tab in your training log.  It allows you to create and edit training plans.  I am hoping that the editor itself is as easy to use as Excel.  To add new entries to the calendar, simply drag the activity with your mouse.  Read the instructions as they will save you some time.


    Once you create the plan, you can see the plan entries in your monthly calendar.  Clicking on a scheduled entry will bring you to the workout editor form, so you can mark the workout as completed.  There is also a new "Training Plan Entry" form in the workout editor so you can manually correlate the scheduled workout with the completed workout.


    You can also copy an existing training plan.  There are two scenarios where this is useful.  The first one is that you can reuse the plan for your next training cycle by copying it and then changing the beginning and ending dates on the new plan.  Be sure to select the "Shift Date Range" option first, which will change the date range instead of prepending or appending dates to the plan.  The other scenario is copying another user's training plan.  It allows you to share training plans with your friends.


    The editor uses the latest web technologies, which most browsers should support.  If the drag and drop doesn't work, then you're probably using an old browser that doesn't support it.


    Due to the complexity of this feature, the training plan editor is not as well tested as I hoped.  If you find a bug, please provide me with instructions on how to reproduce it and I will fix it as soon as I can.


    There is still lots to be done and I will add to the training plan in the months to come.  If there's a function you must have in order to use the training plan feature, please let me know.  Please tell your friends about this new addition by tweeting, FB post or blog to help promote RA.  Thank you for your continual support!


    eric Smile



    It was late last night when I made the announcement and I forgot to mention two things:


    I created a new widget for the summary page that lists the schedule workouts for the next 7 days so you can see what's ahead.  Clicking on an entry will link you to the workout editor so you can enter the workout and mark it as complete.


    Now that the log supports training plans, you can no longer log future workouts.  Logging workouts in the future caused problems with distance calculations.  I don't think this will cause any problems.  If I'm wrong, I'll remove the date restriction.


      Thanks for this - a great addition, really appreciated


      Any chance of a csv import function to allow existing plans to be imported and save lazy people like me lots of time?


      One other nice time saving feature would be the ability to select standard race distances from a drop down on the distance field


      Thanks again for the new functionality

        Fantastic new feature.


        One bug - using Windows Vista, and latest verison of Chrome brower, the moving/copying feature isn't working as advertised. If I drag an entry, it just copies it to the new location, not move it. Pressing modifier keys doesn't switch the action to move.


        2 feature requests:


        1) as well as a weekly summary of miles planned, show a summary of actual miles completed - very useful to see if your plan is going to plan (as it were) or if your daily run targets are too long (or too short). Also this shows the difference in mileage if you skip planned runs.


        2) currently, if you run on a day when there was no planned run, it doesn't show in the training plan, which means if you have to swap a day for whatever reason, it doesn't show in the plan - be able to mark a run as an "unplanned, plan run" - obviously you could just go into your training plan and edit it to reflect reality, but doing that gives you no historical context. If you want to reuse your marathon plan for next time, then you want to be able to go back and see that, say, you constantly had to keep adding an extra rest day to the plan after long runs to allow for sufficient recovery, or whatever.

        This also means that extra runs you add because you have time, or are felling good, show up as extra runs. Again, useful for next time so that you don't include them in the new plan, and risk overtraining as circumstances may well be different.




          You rock !!!  Thank you x 1,000,000 !!!  We appreciate your time and dedication to getting this feature implemented and working.  Great job !!

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            I took a quick look.Like the date shift. Now I can readily see my training schedule. Thanks.

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              Looks great Eric! Thanks Smile

              One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.




                Thanks for another solid feature.  This looks fantastic!

                Rebuilding my aerobic next year.....nothing to see here....move along now.


                Hold the Mayo

                  Whoa! Awesome new feature!  I can't wait to get to work so I can try it out at length!  Thank you Eric!


                    Awesome!!!  I think this is a feature a lot of people have been wanting for a while, and as usual you deliver.


                      Awesome job Eric! Thank you very much.

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                        Can we export using iCal so we could see it in our favorite calendars?  Pretty please?  Smile


                          Can we have RA email/SMS us some set amount of time before the planned event (you know, like the night before, so I can make sure I have all my gear ready)? Pretty please? Smile


                            PS - this feature rocks already!

                            The shirtless wonder

                              Can we have RA email/SMS us some set amount of time before the planned event (you know, like the night before, so I can make sure I have all my gear ready)? Pretty please? Smile


                              Hal313 is an idiot.  If iCal support was there Google Calendar could take care of the notifications!


                              Think before you post!   Wink

                                I love it. I'm so happy with this addition to the site. Thank you!