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    I have done my last 2 runs on the treadmill. My question is...Am I cheating? My last run was my "long" run of the week at 5 miles. Now, when I do my normal runs (usually about 3 to 4 miles) and my long runs (right now 5 to 6 miles) I do them outside. And I usually have to take a few 30 second to 1 minute walk breaks. On the treadmill my runs are a bit easier and I seem to be able to control my breathing better ( I don't get overly winded like I do sometimes when I run outside). But, am I losing anything by running on the treadmill as opposed to outside (where I have to actually propel myself foward and deal with the elements)? I should state that my eventual goal is to comfortably run a 1/2 marathon.

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      No, you are not cheating. Personally I would rather run 12 miles outside than 6 on the Dreadmill, but that's just me. If you set the treadmill to a 0.5% or 1% incline it will simulate the load of an actual road run. Of course it will not be a substitute for hills and outdoor weather that's not ideal, but it's still good training. You still need to get in a lot of real outdoor running when preparing for that HM, though. BTW my avatar likes your avatar!

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        If you set the treadmill to a 0.5% or 1% incline it will simulate the load of an actual road run.
        And you will be less likely to hyper-extend your back. I agree; I'll take 12 outside over 6 inside any day.

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          I think that if you ran AT ALL, whether it's on a treadmill or outside, you did better than 80% of our country... Big grin I love the spirit of running in that you only really cheat YOURSELF if you cut corners.... By the way, though...I don't think running on a treadmill is cheating, sometimes it's the only way you can get a run in, and it's better than missing one completely! *edited to correct the spelling of "spirit" b/c I can't spell today...
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            Not cheating at all, but make sure you do get some runs in outside when you can ! Cute pup, btw Smile
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              Nope, not cheating. I actually find it harder to run the same speed on the treadmill as I do outside. I find that I get overheated in the gym - now if they would just put a fan right in front of my treadmill....

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                I think t-mill running is harder but my HR monitor disagrees. It just seems like the lack of forward motion and the occasional downhill increasis the degree of difficulty. FTR, a lot of my speed work that got me my PR marathon was done on the mill.
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