Time format for easy porting into spreadsheet (Read 294 times)




    I am looking for cut-and-paste of a workout data into a spreadsheet so that I can analyze selected workouts through graphs. I face a problem.


    In the training log, workout view, if the content under the "Time" column are in xx:yy format, and if they are in xx:yy.zz format, then copying and pasting the content to MS-Excel creates wrong data in spreadsheet.



    1) 32:59 in the training log view -> "Time", goes into Excel as 32:59:00 which is incorrect,

    2) 38:22.90 goes as 38:22:90 which is correct.

    3) 1:19:32.80 goes into spreadsheet as 19:32.8, which is incorrect


    In all cases, one has to manually change the cell format in spreadsheet to show time as 13:50:55. After this change, (2) and (3) are shown properly (i.e. as 0:38:23 and 01:19:33) while (1) is not (it shows as 8:59:00)


    Can this be fixed ? I think the fix can be displaying 32:59 as 32:59.0 ! Or allowing users to choose the format, including significant digits in the workout display.


    if there are other ways of getting the correct data into a spreadsheet from a single workout, I would love to hear that.


    Sanjeev Patel

    Bangalore, India

      If you "Download Training Data to your Computer" and, obviously, choose "Tab Delimited (Microsoft Excel Compatible)" this will give you a zipped file that will contain your training log (with correct time format) that you can text-import into Excel.  It will give you your ENTIRE log, though.  Still, you can use Excel's rich search and sort features to get what you want.  Only way I know how to do it ...