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    I started running last Sept and I'm about to run my first 1/2 marathon in May, training is going well and I'm really enjoying myself. I am hoping to run it in around 2 hrs 10 but with a number of friends running the London Marathon I've started to ponder doing a marathon myself (not something I ever thought I'd say!) I was thinking about trying to train for one in Oct - is this too soon? A couple of people have said I should hold off until next year?? Any advice would be much appreciated..

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      See how you feel after the half, but I don't think an October marathon is out of reach. You would have over a year of running, and about 4-5 months to train for the marathon. I think that you could do it, barring some sort of issue that pops up.
        Oh, I absolutely think you can run a full in October! Check out Hal Higdon's training programs ... I'm using Intermediate II for Richmond and although I've never used his training programs before, I've heard good things about them. My marathon program for that is around 20 weeks (I think), so you definitely have time!
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          Hehe ... our histories are exactly one year off. I started running in September 2005, ran my first 1/2 marathon in May 2006, and my first marathon in October 2006. So count me as one of the people saying that you should go for it.

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            Another way of looking at it is that you're training for an October Marathon, and that this half marathon is merely a stepping stone to it. All marathoners ran 13.1 miles before 26.2. There's no way around it.

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              Actuall, I ran my first marathon before doing my first half marathon. I'm not sure why I did it this way but I wish I had taken that 1/2 mary stepping stone first.

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                Were I you and if I had the time to put in the miles I would TOTALLY do it! I'd be doing my own first marathon this Oct. if I didn't still have a kid at home most afternoons. Next year he will be in 1st grade and my marathon training will be ON! Big grin k

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                  Thanks everyone - you've helped me make up my mind to go for! Smile