Palm Springs HM report (Read 485 times)

    This was my second time running in PS - last time was my first ever half, so I was interested to see the difference I felt while running it! Day started at 4:05 a.m. with breakfast and coffee, then driving from the in-laws place to downtown where the race began. The temp was about 55 degrees, and, strangely for PS, overcast! Miraculously that lasted the whole race, so the weather was close to perfect. I had picked up my race packet the day before, so all I had to do was get the t-shirt (of course no smalls left!) and hit the line for the potties. After waiting almost 15 minutes, with 5 to go before race time, this woman walks up to the front, says to the woman in front of me, "I'm starting right away - can I cut into line?" NOT good race etiquette. Of course lady says okay....good news being I got out in time as the start was delayed a few minutes. So I was shooting for 8 min. pace, and as I got up to mile 1 the lady in front of me called out "7:43". Not bad - the start is somewhat downhill and I knew there was a steady uphill in a few miles. My hubby was riding his bike around to different points on the route so I kept getting to smile for the camera! I had started out near the front of the group so I found myself with a bunch of folks who were all pretty steady in their pacing, even as we started uphill. Around mile 5 we started seeing the leaders as there was a turnaround half-way at the top point of the race. I got there and picked it up a little as we started back dowhill. Around mile 8 I noticed this woman hanging on to me. She'd scoot up a little in front, then slow up so I'd pass, then as I went through water stations she'd catch back up. It was a bit annoying, to tell the truth! I decided not to worry about her and just keep on my pace. Mile 9, started feeling the legs, but not badly. Mile 10 passes, and who's in front of me? Potty line-cutter woman! Passed her....serves her right. Mile 11, who's that but the scooter woman, and we go back and forth for a little while again, until around mile 12 where she takes off. I decide to let her go! Finally, around 12.5, there's my cheering section, my daughter and in-laws with signs and balloons, and that gives me a boost. Gave a strong finish, and saw the clock at 1:44:41, almost spot-on 8 minute pace. PR for theHM by 3 minutes, and over 10 minute improvement over my first one! No pains, no puking (don't ask...), and a big hug from the family. Definitely felt better than the first time, and although I didn't get any medals (8th in my age group, although I'm moving up to the next in about a week!), still felt proud of it. I would DEFINITELY recommend this event if you can make it to SoCal in the winter - great race organizer, atmosphere, and a beautiful course.
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      Sounds like you had a terrific race! Great job! (I did one of my long runs in Palm Springs last February, when I started it was freezing, by the time I finished my tank top and shorts were too much clothing, but what a beautiful place to run.) Maybe next year I'll come run the 1/2!

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        Congrats! I will count myself lucky if I ever do a HM that fast. And it sounds like a lot of fun, with just the right amount of annoying people to keep the adrenaline level up. Smile bas

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          CONGRATS GIRL!!! WTG on your PR!!! P.S. that's my goal time for my HM in April Big grin

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            Nice job! No puking? What fun is it if ya don't puke? Sounds like you had a good plan, and stuck with it through the whole race. Wise choice to not chase the one woman down that far out.

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              Congrats on a great race! And awesome to PR by so much, too!

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                Very nice. Definitely shows maturity to stay within your race plan when potty-line cutter woman came into view...I think I'd have had to moon her as I blew by! Congrats on the PR! Lynn B

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                  congrats on the PR! sounds like a great race and you finished strong, good for you! Cool
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