Learned something about shoelaces and rain (Read 89 times)

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    Last weekend I ran as part of an 6-runner ultra realy team (http://ultrabalaton.hu/ - 221 km around Lake Balaton, Hungary). It was a lot of fun and a very good race, but on my 3rd leg (about 8km), I got hit by a pretty heavy storm. At some points we ran though ankle high water.

    I always tie my laces double even in dry wheather, but it wasn't enough this time. Had to stop 3 times to retie, ended up with triple knots.

    Later, at another checkpoint I overheard an 'elite' ultrarunner's team complaining about having a hard time removing her shoes. She also blamed the rain & wet laces.

    So this is probably a real thing? Next time I'll be prepared Smile

      google how to tie your laces correctly...


      there's a correct and incorrect pattern/way/method,


      if you do the correct method, single knots will almost never come undone...


      do it wrong, and double, triple, will come undone...

      300m- 37 sec.



        It depends upon the laces, too...some stay tied FAR better than others. I miss those bumpy laces that were a thing for a while. Those stayed tied really well. I'm not sure why they disappeared. All of my NB shoes for a few years had those laces.

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