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    Cry I just did, probably one of the STUPIDEST #%$&*@ things I have EVER done. I finished my run. Sat to stretch. Took off my Garmin and checked my stats. STretched. Came home. I'm home. WHERE IS MY GARMIN!???!!!??? I looked EVERYWHERE. In my car, in my house. I just knew I left it there at the bay. Drove like a crazy person to get back down there and of course. It's gone. Cry OMGOSH. I'm just sick. I hope someone knows what it's for and uses it. I'd hate for my precious garmin to go to waste. Over 1500 miles logged on my old friend. ::sniff::
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      That sucks. Wait. Its got GPS on it. Can't you just look it up online to see where it is? Sorry. Bad joke. Trying to lighten the pain.
        I know. I thought for sure this was an OnStar moment. Tongue
        Jennifer mm#1231
          Shocked Awww, Life - sorry to hear that. With that many miles on it - it definitely would be like losing an old friend. The $50 rebate for the 205/305 expires on 5/15/07 so get your new friend soon!

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            Oh, no! I'd be in tears, too! Do you know if there's a lost and found anywhere near where you ran? Maybe the finder is a kind person and would turn it in. k

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              Do you know if there's a lost and found anywhere near where you ran? Maybe the finder is a kind person and would turn it in. k
              I agree - you really may want to try and find a lost and found, or even put up some "wanted" posters or something. I wouldn't give up just yet. If a non-runner found it - I'm not sure they'd really want it, unless there's a hot black market for stolen Garmins. And I'd bet a runner would either turn it in or look for the rightful owner. Any chance Garmin really could track an individual unit?
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                That stinks. I have my name, address, phone number, and emergency contact number taped to my electric car key and to the back of my iPod. This may be useful if I pass-out or drop dead during a run, or if either is lost...
                  That sucks... it may turn up yet!
                    Ouch. So sorry.

                    Runners run.

                      Cry WHERE IS MY GARMIN!???!!!???
                      Jen, that totally sucks. I recently lost my mp3 player the same way. Had a great run, got back to the car, took off my hat/mp3 player and put it on top of the car... Drove home and went to recharge the mp3, and uh-oh. Frantically searched the car, gearbag, etc... Drove back to where I was... Gone, 500meg of songs gone... For me it wasn't about the $$ or the songs, but the fact that they don't make that style anymore. I was able to find a similar replacement, but it's not the same. Still long for the old one. Every time I go to run at that spot I look around just in case. Not as tragic as losing a garmin though... Sorry for your loss.
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                        That sucks! I agree with JK. Put up some fliers with a reward. It might just turn up!
                          Any insurance policies tucked away that might cover the loss??


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                            THAT TOTALLY BITES!! Hope you luck out and find it!

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                              Right after I first got my Garmin, my mother went online and looked to see if she could find me as I went running. She could not. Wink
                                yeah, it's gone. The bay was packed last night...picnic-ers, soccer players, familys at the playground. Lots of people. bummer. And no, there's no lost and found. REI's big sale starts tomorrow and the 305 will be $209 after a rebate. I'm going to try it on again and see what I think. I'd rather buy something at REI and be able to return it if there is a problem 6mo down the line that deal with some random internet company. Thanks everyone, I knew you'd understand. Blush
                                Jennifer mm#1231