Steeplechase Race Designation (Read 339 times)

    I'm a steepler and have come across the problem that I have no way of designating my 3k track steeple races as different from my flat 3k races. It would be great to have a little check box pop up when I'm logging a race that I can check so that my personal record list can differentiate between the two races. Actually, a feature like this may also be useful in distinguishing, for example, a 5k track race from a 5k road race or 5k cross country race. It would be nice to at least have the option to see separate PRs for those. 


    As I'm typing this, I have also realized that this may be useful for non-race entries as well. In steeple training, many of our workout include hurdles in them. This workouts may be less volume workouts but still beat us up due to all the jumping. It would similarly be neat to be able to check a box that a workout included "hurdles" or "water jumps" or something like that. I can certainly put this in my notes section, but that is not searchable and quantifiable.


    Thanks for all the great work! 


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      For training you can specify a new workout type, perhaps hurdles or steeple that you can use to designate your steeple workouts.


      I don't have any help for races though, other than to use 3000m for one and 3km for the other, but that doesn't really seem to cut it.


        I think some kind of sub-category in races would be super helpful for me, personally. Being able to distinguish between road and track would be very good.