updated site menus (Read 196 times)

    Hi all,

    The old menus were activated by hovering the cursor over them.  This is not mobile friendly since there is no hovering over HTML elements on touch devices.  Specifically, you can only create new run entries and not others because you can't get to the other items on the menu.  I redid the menus so that when you click on the black triangles, the menu will popup.  The triangle is a little small so you'll have to be precise.  i also took the opportunity to update the menus' styles.  You may need to force a reload to bring in the new images.


    eric Smile

      Just checked it out on my phone.  Works fine! Smile

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        Nice ! Was about to suggest it last week, but never came round doing so ;-)

        Thanks for the change!