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    Hi all, I just want to say THANK YOU to Eric! And Merry Christmas too. This site is truly the best gift. I'm a former CR person, who had 5 years worth of detailed data that I assumed was completely lost. (My CR log got transferred to Active.com full of errors, missing info and omissions. It was a disaster!). My new log is efficient, easy to use, and transferred my info perfectly. I have no complaints whatsoever! So thanks again! And HELLO to all the new RA people! Karyn
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      Karyn Welcome into our RA world ... and a very Merry Christmas to you as well. We hope that you settle into your new running home (with all your data secure!), Neil G UK Smile

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        Hi Can you import my stuff from coolrunning log if I give you my passwords etc. I haven't saved anything from hthe old forum, boomers and beyond but I do need my running log. Thanks roy

          thanks dgtray, i was lost without that link. my first encounter with active's log, i knew i would want to bolt. i'm glad RA is here, this seems like a great setup.

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            Smile I am happy to b able to get my data. Thank You for all the assistance!

              I still cannot access data using this link!!! I can however, log into active trainer and find my data. When I click on tools these are my only options. Any help would be appreciated. Sherri Pace Calculator Shoe Tracker Heart Rate Calculator Body Fat Calculator Body Mass Calculator Caloric Calculator Race Planner Hydration Calculator Create Routes

                please import my log name jsraiderstb password UjUtJw thank you

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                  just hoping this site will be around for a long time! Big grin Smile

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                    does anyone remember when coolrunning was called something else before it was coolrunning? I seem to remember that it was called something else before. I've been there since 2001 and it was originally something else. I hate the new Active site. I can not navigate it at all. I do really like the Running Ahead site and hahve loaded all of my data here with no trouble. I love some of the features. My only concern is, how long will this site last until it goes the way of coolrunning? My husband uses the Nike site for his log. I'm worried about losing all my data of the last 7 years. (I have made a back up) anyway, my sincere thanks to Eric for all his very hard work here. thanks

                      It was called Kick! before it was CoolRunning. I agree - I hate the Active site and LOVE my new home here at RunningAhead.

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                        HI, Christmas gone by and my running log is now on runningahead, I work shift so not much time yet to play and figure out everything, seem I have a problem with distance stats or something like, will trust but verify.. hey\j thanks again Yves
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                          Hi Eric. I just switched over from Active. I can tell already that I'm going to really like your setup for my training log - it reminds me of the old CR site. If you could transfer my running log, that would be awesome. I'm "electronically challenged" - tried to do it without any luck. No hurry - I'm sure you're quite busy. Just whenever you get a moment, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! Smile

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                            There's a little button at the bottom of most screens labeled "feedback." I suggest you get in touch with Eric directly that way. It'll send him an email. The forums have been really busy lately ( Wink ) and I'd hate for your request to get missed. Welcome!

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                              Big MAHALO to Eric and Sean the Content Producer/Technical Administrator from CR. I received my cgi file and successfully imported it to RA. And after a couple weeks back entry I'm up-to-date. Happy New Year everyone! dk

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                                Eric: I was able to import my data from CR ok but nothing before Nov 26 (I think) shows up on my graph. why? can I make it show the full year grach somehow? also, when I first log in, it does not remember my password even though I have checked the box saying remember me. thanks Sandijam@yahoo.com