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I've got a fever...

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, but someone (zz, I think) threw down a Hendrix reference in a thread today; it reminded me of this dream I had a few years ago. I'll set it up by saying I was back in MI visiting family a few years ago. My dad, an avid guitar player and collector, has turned my old room into his guitar storage area; there are never less than 25 guitars in there at a given time. He opened up a case to show me his latest acquisition -- a cream-colored Fender Stratocaster. Both my aunt and I immediately went into a "Wayne's World"- like frenzy of worshiping and "I'm not Worthy!" It was a sweet guitar. Seeing this must have triggered the dream I had a few nights later. So a few nights later, I had The Dream. In it, I was playing The Strat. I was playing either "Purple Haze" or "Foxey Lady" (I think FL, since that song was actually used in "Wayne's World."). I was ripping into it -- freakin' tearing it up. I woke up early that morning feeling a definite voodoo vibe. Now I play a little guitar (very little). Just enough to know that the fingerings and chord positions I was hitting in my dream actually made some sense. I stumbled down the hallway that morning to dig out my own guitar. I was humming with anticipation. Had I channeled the spirit of the man whose playing can best be described as Unexplainable? Had all those hours of listening to Hendrix paid off -- had I subconsciously figured out how to not just hear Jimi, but to feel him? I strapped on my guitar in the gathering dawn, ready to greet the sunrise with my own version of the Star Spangled Banner ala Jimi at Woodstock.... Nothing. I still sucked. Sucked donkey to be exact. Damn; I guess this means I'll have to actually practice. Big grin Cheers, Jeff

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      Hendrix - wicked awesome....

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