Falling asleep while running (Read 361 times)

    Never had that happen running, but it has happened while driving.  Driving along then all of a sudden I think back and can't actually remember the last mile or two at all.


    This happens to me all the time.  I've been driving the same 22 mile stretch of freeway every day for 10 years.  There are days I get off the freeway & have no memory of the commute.  I'm sure that's what happened to you while you were running.



    S Army Kettle run...

      Pretty sure it happens to the people working around me all the time ...



        Freaky.  Anyone else experience something like this?


        Happened to me once, driving.  Except I missed about 40 miles and four or five exits of an interstate route I knew by heart.  I didn't "come to" abruptly, though.  I was just driving in the wee hours, thinking, zoning, approached a "next exit" sign, and as I got within range to read it, I was thinking "That will be South Bend" and that puts me about an hour from homet ... only to find I'd missed the last 40 miles, and my exit was next.  I couldn't believe it at first.  Checked the time, yep, the appropriate amount had passed.  I really, truly did NOT think I was that tired or that out of it.  Scared the crap out of me.  I had NO problem staying awake for the final 15-20 minutes of the trip.

        Old Coyote

          That happened to me a couple times last summer, on early morning mid-week runs. I "slept" for about a mile or two each time. Fortunately on wide, well maintained path, not a road.