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    Hi! I'm new to Running Ahead and have started recording my runs with great enthousiasm! Unfortunately, I'm unable to use the Find Routes map to measure the length of my runs because I live in Germany (I only get question marks). Would it be possible to include a function which would allow runners in other countries to use the Find Routes tool? Perhaps by allowing them to load their own maps? It would also be very practical for those who like to run when they travel abroad. Thanks for your consideration! Steph
      Steph, Making the site more international friendly is on my list of things to do. Hopefully, I'll get to it soon. eric Smile
        I'll second that. Great site but the routes are not so useful for London, UK. Though you can with lots of scrolling get the map to work and measure the distances. Right now I just use google earth to measure with the path tool. Again great site, can't wait to see where it goes from here.

          steph and jkprime, Being an international user of the program, I face similar issues to yourselves. However, google doesn't have street maps of Australia so I find that I log all my runs using the satelite photos (some of which a rather poor). I hope google has maps for Germany and the UK. I know that Eric is looking at ways to make the program more international so that non-US zipcodes, eg Australian postcodes, etc can be accommodated. Like yourselves, I love what eric has done and is doing with the program. Cheers Steve B
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            SteveB, Thanks for the support. There has been a surge in new international users recently, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I got most of the US runners signed up already Wink I've been thinking about the problem, and the solution is not as simple as just adding a country list in the preferences. Anyway, I'll be looking more into it in the next few weeks. eric Smile