Garmin Callibration? (Read 96 times)


    Hey Everyone - I got a new Garmin for Christmas and it works great.  The Forerunner 45.  Everything is fully functional as I am working out.  However, when I upload my workouts to RunningAhead, or Garmin Connect, the maps are off.  The shape of my run is perfect, but it is off by about 100 feet to the north and 250 feet west.  I take my old Garmin though and it has me right where I need to be.  So it is something with this new Garmin.  Is there some calibration that is supposed to happen when I start using it?  I am not starting my workout before the Garmin finds the GPS, so I know it isn't that it doesn't have a good sense of the signal.  Any suggestions?

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      There is a bug/problem in the GPS chip used in many Garmin, Polar, Suunto and other devices which started on Jan 1. Here's a link to Garmin Support on the issue: After January 1st 2021 My Garmin Watch GPS Track Accuracy is Incorrect


      Another article with more details can be found here: dcrainmaker


      For most devices it seems like the distance is fairly correct, but the track is shifted west.

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        This is awesome - thanks for the quick response.  That is the exact issue I am dealing with.  And that would explain why when I tried it with my 7 year old Garmin that it was right on, but the new one didn't work.


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