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    This is half "WooHoo, i did it" and half race report. I finished the Ogden Half Marathon this morning and it was only the 2nd time I have run the full distance. I am not fast, but I didn't die and I wasn't last (always afraid I am going to be DAL Dead The first part of the race is run through beautiful Ogden Canyon in Utah. I loved running by the waterfalls. I had a blast up to mile 10 or so. Then they routed us onto a city parkway that I thought would never end. It was pretty, but I felt very restricted and claustrophobic in there. I wasn't sure how long it lasted and the last mile I was about bananas. But I got through it. You come out onto the street that has the finish line about a mile or so away. The volunteers and aid stations were awesome. Tons of support, water, powerade, GU, apples, oranges, bananas - and I am not talking about the end, I am talking all along the way. Very well done. Fun, chunky, rectangular medal and nice long sleeve tech shirt (which I did not wear - I have to wear the same thing at every race for some weird reason...) I got through it in 2:35:12 (according to my Garmin - haven't got the official times yet) - not bad for being almost 55 and having started seriously running less than 7 months ago. Anyway, on to the next target - the Pioneer Day Classic 10K in July, then the Disneyland Half in September. Happy running...
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      Good job Peggy, you need to find a full marathon now.
        Woohoo! That's great. I love that you already have two more lined up!

        First or last...it's the same finish line

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          That was a great start Peggy...... you should be very happy with that race.....GOOD JOB>>>

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            Stellar debut!! Keep up the good work!







                not bad for being almost 55 and having started seriously running less than 7 months ago.
                I would say it's a lot better than not bad, well done!

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