Kg / lbs conversion issue that the ladies don't appreciate fully. (Read 971 times)

    Hi Eric First of all, AMAZING SITE!!!!, this is by far the most comprehensive, best looking, easiest to use running log I have ever seen. And it is free, I hardly believe it. Second: upon loading the homepage I read one of the user statements "I run because" and clicked to the users profile. the user is distancediva77. On her profile her weight is quoted as 115kg on my screen. That could be true, but I have a feeling that she is 115 lbs based on age (19 I suppose) and an experienced runner. I don't know - maybe I'm completely wrong but it just struck me as odd. I have kg set in my profile as a preference for weight units.
    Run more.
      I just learned that it is a known bug. Sorry for dispturbing the pease. There are a lot of heavy ladies (and gents but that is less funny) in here Big grin
      Run more.

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        Damn, now I REALLY have to lose weight... Big grin k

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