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    I switched to this site mainly because I like the idea of being able to chart my weight along with the runs. Is there a way to change the vertical values on the chart so that it doesn't start at zero? It would be nice to make the range within reasaonable values so that the changes are more noticable. Thanks for the site!
      Hi Debbie, I added a check box called "relative scaling" to the right of the y-axis drop down list. Just check that if you don't want the y-axis to start at 0. Let me know if there's anything you want. eric Smile

      You'll ruin your knees!

        I can't get the relative scaling to work...whenever I try, I don't get a chart at all. Cry

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          Lynn, Could you give me all the parameters that you specified to create your graph? I didn't have any problems with the relative scaling option. eric Smile