active.com transfer of training log data (Read 290 times)


    I'd like to move my training log / calendar from Active.com to RA.  I've used RA's mapping tool for a few years and think that I'm ready for the switch now that Active has changed their Trainer.  Here is their latest banner message:


    NOTICE:This version of Active Trainer will be discontinued in October 2012. You can continue to log your current training plans until then.
    Please check out the NEW Active.com Trainer to purchase training plans.

    But, in order to import the custom data to RA, I have to make the correct .csv file with my stuff in it.  I'm having trouble doing that with the Excel spreadsheet that I downloaded from Active.  Is anybody good at this? I can't seem to format the columns correctly.  Here's where I am stuck:



      I didn't know Active allows you to export your data.  I'll send you my email address via private messaging and we'll take it from there.


      eric Smile