2022 Advanced Racing Thread (Read 497 times)




     Me, 2022:


    3044.2 mi @ 9:42 min/mi pace. Races: one 10k, one 5 mi, one 8k, six 5ks.


    Goal that happened: got 4th consecutive 3000-mi year (6th total)


    Goal that didn't happen: sub-20 min 5k ... instead, got even further away (doh!)


    Wasn't a goal but glad it happened: won Ed Barron Holiday Series 50-59 F category (third consecutive year)


    Home/auto DIYs of which I'm proud (single F; my previous go-to handyman now in jail. That fact is unrelated to me, I should add.): replace toilet fill valve (yes!!!), reinstall pulled-out towel bar, remove car stereo-system fuse to prevent malfunctioning CD player from draining battery, replace the trunk-lid lifters on my station wagon so I could stop holding the trunk open with my head.


    Not even close to RPs welding festival, but I was proud.


    Happy New Year's Eve!

    Hi CH, a bit late, here, but congrats on the 4th consecutive year of 3000 miles! That's a super solid base. Also congrats on the Holiday Series win and all the DIY projects successfully accomplished! I still have to change a bunch of my outlets to GFI outlets (it's been like 2 months), and don't even get me started on my lack of car knowledge, so I'm super impressed.

    Qualifications: I like to run. In Florida. In the summer. At noon.  

    Last race: Community 5K, March 2nd. Speed test run with 2 walk breaks. Went pretty well.