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    I just got two new running partners. Big grin They are two beautiful Siberian Huskies. I can't wait until their about 3 months old to hit the road with them. Maya, is a red Siberian who is 6 weeks old and Daisy, is a white Siberian who is 9 weeks old. Has anyone else run with Huskies? Please Share your experiences with your furry running partners. (PS - I would post pictures but I can't seem to make it work Clowning around


      Huskies love to run...away. When they get offleash just say goodbye and look for them at the local humane society. They can cover 10 x the distance as you in a tenth of a second . When pulling a sled they are much more directed. I have found my friends sled dogs (2 huskies) on more that 3 occasions miles from where they split off. Great dogs though! Good luck
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        Your right about huskies. These are not my first. They will NEVER be off the leash when outside the yard. They are great dogs as you say but wildly independent and will bolt whenever they get the chance. I cant wait to get them out there running 10, 15 or even 20 miles. Big grin
          I was mauled (in a very friendly way) by a couple huskies on my run yesterday. A woman was trying to take them on her run. It was pretty funny, actually - they were obviously in charge. I love huskies, but you're in for a challenge. Retrievers make great running partners. Huskies? Well, you'll have your work cut out for you. Maybe a lot of obedience training. And I'd worry about taking them out in the heat. On the other hand, the dogs were obviously having a great time. Smile
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              I raise guide dogs and be careful that you don't do any real mileage before they are 6 months old. Doing too much too soon is really bad for their hips. I have a 4 months old lab and we are doing walk runs-slowly to get him used to the leash and my pace. We don't even let them jump out of the back of vehicles to keep their hips safe. I work with a group that has been around a long time and we never seem to have problems. Hope this helps and hugs to the new babies. Smile

                Congrats on your new pals. They sound lovely. Most advice I have heard suggests not to run dogs until they are a year old, or 1.5 years for the bigger breeds. It can damage their growing bones. I am sure a few short runs here and there would be fine, but I would hold off on the longer distances for a while Especially on the harder surfaces.

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                  Sometimes I think about taking my cats out for a run Clowning around
                  Me, too...then I realize that my running would be even MORE difficult if I had to carry 3 cats most of the way (and Thor is easily a 20# beast). k

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                    Congrats on your two new furry friends! My fiance and I have an almost 2 y/o German Shepherd that LOVES to run and walk. As soon as we pick up her harness or leash she is bouncing around because she knows we're going outside. She is an excellent partner for both running and walking (moreso running because she stops less to smell the *other dog smells* along the way Confused). Right now we are just taking her on short distances, 3 miles or less.
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                      Over the summer, my parents dog started hiding when I pulled out my running shoes and the leash. How he knew they were my running shoes and not my identical retired running shoes, I will never know.
                        Is that a poodle? Beautiful dog!
                        (and Thor is easily a 20# beast).
                        but think about the additional benefit -- strong arms! And carrying the cats?? I had an image of them on leashes ... and then an imagine of them killing me when we got home ...
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