I can't believe it (Read 992 times)


The Crap Whisperer

    I can totally believe it! You work hard and you definitely rock.

    Damn skippy!!!! I'm soooo happy for you Big grin

    Being the best tiny spec that I can be!

      We need a picture to confirm...




      Congratulations on this awesome achievement. There is a before and after picture thread here.

      running is somewhat like playing golf to me.   crappy shots all day long, ready to give it up & wondering why I'm trying so hard just to get this stupid little ball into a stupid little hole but then out of the blue comes a monster drive or a long putt that actually gets into the cup.  bingo! that one shot keeps me going for the rest of day no matter how crappy I continue to play & gets me back out again on another day.   strange. -- skyedog


        Hill Slug

          Great job!  And thanks for sharing your success with us.



          All time PR:  1:20 HM. 2:49 M

          2013 goal:  Master's PR HM  Recover from illness/finish the year strong


          Rage, rage against the dying of the light