Tapering? (Read 461 times)

    10 days from now, I am running the Around the Bay Race (30k, or 18.6 miles) in Hamilton, ON. This race was first run on Christmas Day, 1894. It is now the oldest road race in North America, older than the Boston Marathon which was born three years after the "Around the Bay Road Race". It's a challenging course, with a series of rolling hills from kms 21 (or so) to about the 28k mark. If you are free the weekend of Mar 25, and not too far from Hamilton you should consider it. So far, they are 95% full but there are still a few places available. I've attached the link: http://www.aroundthebayroadrace.com/index.html In a typical week, I run 8.6k (or 5.4 miles) at about an 8:30 min/mile pace Mon, Wed, Thu. Sat is reserved for long runs; typically 20-30k, and usually on the hilliest section of the race route. This Sat we are running only 12k (about 7.5 miles) and it has been suggested that we run NO MORE than 30 min. at a time next week (with 20-30 second pick-ups thrown in here or there). Thoughts on this approach? Any other suggestions?
      I would probably not taper that much, but everyone recovers and de-trains at different rates.

      Runners run.


        The Around The Bay 30k Training program on their website recommends the following workouts for the final week before the race... Saturday 7k (4.3 mi) tempo Sunday 10k (6.2 mi) steady Monday 4k (2.48 mi) slow Tuesday off Wednesday 6k (3.7 mi) tempo Thursday off Friday off Saturday 3k (1.86 mi) slow Sunday - Around The Bay 30k Road Race The site also recommends being patient during the first 20k of the race and save your energy for the rolling hills during the last 10k, especially the famous Valley Inn Hill (synonymous with Boston's Heartbreak Hill) at the 26k mark. Remember, "When you see the Reaper's face, the END is NEAR!" (The Grim Reaper hangs out on Valley Inn Hill.) Hope you have a great race. I’ll be cheering for you inside Copps Coliseum. I’m doing the 5k (my first race) and will be staying inside to cheer on all the finishers of the 30k race. I’ve been told to be careful as you enter Copps and head to the finish line. You go from brightness outside, make sharp turn into relative darkness as you run down a steep truck ramp into the coliseum. Also the ramp levels out rather quickly so watch your step. Let’s hope for nice weather (no ice or snow). I hope to do the 30k next year. I think we're gonna have a packed house! 5,200 runners in the 30k + 250 2-person teams + 250 3-person teams + 1,300 runners in the 5k + thousands of cheering family members and friends. = 1 great race!!!