avatars, signatures, and maps on your own site! (Read 2776 times)

eric :)

    Greetings fellow runners! Here's another batch of updates. I added a new options page for forum preferences. You can now add an avatar as well as a signature to your posts. When you upload your avatar, it will automatically resize the image if it's larger than 100 x 100 pixels. I could have went with larger dimensions, but 100 x 100 seems to be the standard size. The signature can be plain text, or in HTML. If it's the latter, be sure you click the HTML signature check box. Otherwise, your signature will be treated as plain text. Google maps has revolutionized the way we measure and share running routes. Up until now, the only way to view these maps is by going to the site where you created them. I'm happy to introduce the ability to place these maps on your own site! Simply add a small piece of HTML code in your pages, and the maps will automagically appear on your site! The following button is now part of the map viewing pages: When you click on it, it will generate a piece of HTML code for you to insert into your own page. You can change the size of the map by modifying the width and height parameters. Imagine having actual maps of your runs on your club page, or show a map with elevation for a race you are organizing! Please let me know if you find this useful. I would love to hear your feedbacks. Again, please thank Trent for his inputs on this feature. Please be aware that this feature adds extra load to this site because it has to send the map data to the viewers. If this feature affects the performance of this site, I might have to find some way to compensate for it (read: possibly charge for its use). Without further ado, you may go back to the round the clock coverage of the World Cup. eric Smile