Workout splits alongside PRs? (Read 465 times)

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    Great website. Love it! Question, though:


    I have some workout splits that are faster than my PRs (for 10 miles, for half marathon, etc.). I have gotten faster in some of my workouts even though a lot of time has passed since my last race at a certain distance. 


    Is it possible to create a search tool that could check my workouts for fastest split of certain distances (5K, 10K, 10 Mile, Half)? Or, since I don't record 3.1, 6.2, 13.1 splits on my workouts (just 1 mile splits, usually), would it be possible to search for the closest distance (3 mile, 6 mile, 13 mile splits)? These wouldn't be "PRs" as such, but they would help me see how I've improved at certain distances during workouts between races, and help me set goals for races.


    Just a thought. I can also go through my workouts and manually find this stuff, but a calculator/search tool would be great.


    Thanks! Great site. Love it here at Running Ahead.

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      Sounds like it is time to go out and grab a few more races Smile

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        Sounds like it is time to go out and grab a few more races Smile

         +1 !

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          i know this isn't what you are asking for but you can plug in times to mcmillians calculator to get some estimations on times but I think you have to plug in pr's and it tells you the pace to run and not vice a versa.

            This request falls into the category of enhancements to the analyses section.  I'll think more about it during the next iteration of reports changes.