So, would you run with Palin? (Read 1943 times)

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    Alright, there's a pretty funny heated discussion going on over at RW about Sarah Palin in the "I'm a Runner" segment that they do. Would you go for a run with Palin?

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      Sure...hope it's hot too.

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        Palin is a lightning rod.  I vow to never say anything good or bad about Palin. 


        But of course I'd run with her.  Why not?  I'd run with W.  I'd run with Obama.  I'd run with Barney Frank and Newt Gingrich.  That would be awesome. 

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        Jazz hands!

          Sure, since according to the article she listens to music and hates talking on a run



          I read the article and looked at the slideshow (her poses look so natural!), and for a minute was afraid that we had the same shoes, but no. Bullet: dodged.

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              of course!

                I didnt support her in the campaign -  and  didn't agree with any of her policies or ideas (that I can think of at least)....


                That being said...I still thinks she's a cool lady and I'd love to go for a run with her...

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                  Yes, I would love to see Russia.

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                      I'd even run with the green guy.

                      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                        Yes, I would love to see Russia.





                        oh, and LOL!


                          While I don't agree with her political views, I think she would be an interesting person to run with.  The one comment I liked was when she said she feels crappy if she goes more than a couple of days without a run.  I feel the same way if I go 3 days+ without a run.
                            Over Obama any day.
                              Yes, I would love to see Russia.



                              Love to run with her

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                                Nah.  She smells of elderberries.