Posting Multisport events as one race entry. (Read 564 times)


    It is possible to post or schedule a multisport event as one entry.  I am currently having to separate each discipline on the calendar.  Any help would be appreciated.  Great site Smile

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      Welcome, ATX77!


      I'm not a multisport athlete, but I'm pretty sure that RA does not have that capability at this time.  If I'm wrong, I'm positive someone will come along and set me straight. 

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        Thanks for the info.  After looking around some more I noticed a couple other posts in the suggestions forum.  A little late to the party but hopefully there is something in the works.



        I can; and I will.  Watch me.


          RA currently doesn't support grouping of activities.  However, you can create an activity, (e.g. Triathlon) and record your activity that way.