Cat Haiku (Read 335 times)

Needs more cowbell!

    The food in my bowl Is old, and more to the point Contains no tuna. ~~~~~ So you want to play. Will I claw at dancing string? Your ankle's closer. ~~~~~ There's no dignity In being sick: which is why I don't tell you where. ~~~~~ Seeking solitude I am locked in the closet. For once I need you. ~~~~~ Tiny can, dumped in Plastic bowl Presentation, One star; service: none. ~~~~~ Am I in your way? You seem to have it backwards: This pillow's taken. ~~~~~ Your mouth is moving; Up and down, emitting noise. I've lost interest. ~~~~~ The dog wags his tail, Seeking approval. See mine? Different message. ~~~~~ My brain: walnut-sized. Yours: largest among primates. Yet, who leaves for work? ~~~~~ Most problems can be Ignored. The more difficult Ones can be slept through. ~~~~~ My affection is conditional. Don't stand up, It's your lap I love. ~~~~~ Cats can't steal the breath Of children. But if my tail's Pulled again, I'll learn. ~~~~~ I don't mind being Teased, any more than you mind A skin graft or two. ~~~~~ So you call this thing Your cat carrier. I call These my blades of death. ~~~~~ Toy mice, dancing yarn Meowing sounds. I'm convinced: You're an idiot.

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