Timothy Olson Race Report on UTMB (Read 85 times)

    Timothy Olson Race Report on UTMB


    This is one of the best race reports I have read.  I am not an ultra runner, but I followed Western States this year and I was amazed by Olson's dominance.  Apparently, he was even more dominant in 2012.  This was his first UTMB, which is a ca. 100 mile race through the alps with a total elevation gain of about 30,000 feet.  He describes feeling completely destroyed by this race, both physically and mentally. Nonetheless, he did quite well.  It is worth a read. 

    2013 goals: 800m: 2:20 | mile: 4:59 | 5k: 18:59 | 10k: 39:59 | HM: 1:32 | Marathon: 3:20

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