Can't plot new route in Davenport, FL (Read 567 times)

    I'm vacationing in Disney World this week and wanted to plot a 4 mile run from the condo where we are staying. We are staying near 2700 Sand Mine Road, Davenport, FL 33897. I tried to plot a course on roads that surround a nearby golf course. The roads showed up (for example, N. Hampton Dr), but I was unable to plot the course. When I tried to save the map and starting point, it appeared to save, but when I reopened the course, it put me in Kansas! The program has worked great when I used it for Decatur, GA and Venice, FL. This is the first time it hasn't worked. Just to let you know. I'm using Internet Explorer version 7.0.5730.11 and Windows XP (at least SP2)
      Which map is it? I like to take a look.
        Hi Eric, The map I couldn't save was near the intersection of Sand Mine Road and Highway 27, southwest of Orlando, FL. But I just tried it today and this time it worked. Perhaps the problem has been solved? Thanks! Joe
          I'm not sure what the problem is. If I have to venture a guess, it could be some strange behavior that's hard to reproduce. For example, it could be a certain point on the map, or how the points are lined up in relation to each other. Since it's working, I won't look into it any further. Let me know if it crops up again.