Anyone else doing the Brooklyn Half this year? (Read 30 times)


    I'm psyched that I got in and it'll be my first!  Anyone else going?


    If you've done it in the past, any parts of the course that are tough?

    I can and I will!


      yes !  Had to bail on my entry a couple of years ago, so assuming I'm not lame or dead

      by mid may, I'm in


        I did it last year but am not doing it this year for various reasons.


        Parts of the course that are tough: I think the toughest uphill is around the 5 mile mark (can't remember exactly); it is a relatively long uphill in Prospect Park known as 'zoo hill'.  The grade is, I think, never more than around 3%, but it is about a mile of uphill, and it gets steeper as you reach the top.


        The toughest part for me, though, was the long straightaway on Ocean Parkway-- You're running in a straight line for nearly 6 miles, and there is very little shade.  If you have cloud cover it's not necessarily too bad, but if it's a hot day and the sun is out, it can get a bit brutal.

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          Thanks for the info. I've heard that Prospect Park is hilly but I thought it was in the very beginning.  I live in a very hilly area so I can definitely train on those low-gradient hills.  I'm looking forward to the Coney Island finish!


          Still can't believe it closed so quickly.

          I can and I will!


            I've done it loads of times, though the current routed started last year.  It's a fast start from the Museum and there are several turns and some out and backs before heading into the park.  The loop of the park is easy, except for the one hill Megan mention, just after the Zoo at the north side of the park.  After that it's little bumps of hills and flats as you round out the park and exit to your long straight stretch out to Coney.  I THINK that part is slightly downhill, but feels flat.


            You hardly run on the boardwalk at Coney Island at all, but that's probably good because the condition wasn't great BEFORE Sandy, so I have no idea how it is now.   Save room for so Nathan's dogs (if you eat that kinda thing, I personally don't but that's part of the experience I'd say).


            It's a fun race.  I may hop in a run it, we'll see.

            HTFU?  Why not!

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