When Google Updates its Maps.... (Read 547 times)

    This happened to me recently and I was able to figure out what to do, so I thought I'd post my workaround here. I run a lot through some new neighborhoods and recently Google updated the roads going through these neighborhoods. When this happens, the map points you've drawn don't automatically update, but of course it makes sense to redraw them so you can get more accurate distances for your workouts. The first thing I did was use our cool edit points tool to drag my points back onto the appropriate streets. When I did this, though, I noticed that while RunningAhead updated my COURSES, it's didn't retroactively update my previous WORKOUTS. So I went into each workout and selected the course AGAIN - basically, I just chose another course from the drop-down and then immediately chose the course I wanted (no need to save in between). Reloading the course (with the corrected distance) updated all of my distances. Now, aside from the fact that I'm getting over that I ran about five percent less in the past two months than I thought I did - I'm in good shape. Maybe there would've been a quicker way to do this -- but I think the feature that allows us to drag points around the map probably was the RA feature that saved the most time. Thanks for building this feature, Eric.

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