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    Hello! I have been running in Asics Gel 2120 for last 6 months. Have generally been happy with them but lately on my long runs I have had some really bad blisters, basically on the tops of my big, 2nd and 3rd toe. They are worse on my left foot which is the smaller foot! My left foot is a UK8, my right is UK8.5 so I have been running in a UK 9. I had previously been running in a UK 8.5 but the man at the store persuaded me into a 9. So I really don't think they can be too small? Especially as the foot that is the worst is a full size smaller than what I wear. Could they then be too big? Should I just expect blisters as my mileage increases? COuld they have worn out from me being very overweight? (As in was 100 pounds overweight, now 60 pounds over) SHould I get new ones and stear clear of the 2120? SO many questions! Any answers appreciated! I run my first half marathon at the end of Sept so would like to have it sorted in time to break new shoes in.....Had to stop running early today as my feet were killing. That's no good!


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      I'll let others chime in, but it looks like you have been ramping up your mileage and I was thinking it is possible that your shoes have worn enough to contribute to this problem. I have never had problems with blisters on the top of my toes, so I am not too sure about what it might be. I do think there might be some merit to the shoe being too large and that is generating a "creasing" in the material over the toes that are being rubbed... You shouldn't just expect to deal with blisters. Find a good running store (not a large box retailer) with specialists who know how to fit shoes. Talk specifically about what you are experiencing and listen to what they have to say. Look at your foot as you move through the running motion (especially the push off) to see if the material is creasing in the area of aggrivation. Then look at new shoes to see if they are better in this area. Good luck with it! Lynn B

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        You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.



          I have experienced similar problems when I ramped up my mileage. I have a similar toe configuratiob to what you are talking about. I tried a number of shoes, including what you are using, some Mizunos and some Nikes. Ultimatey I have laned on Pearl Izumis. They are a good lenagth with room for my toes without having to step up more than a half size and they are seamless so I don't have to worry about materual bunching across the top of my toes ecasue of too much length. I have used the Seeks for trail runs up to 50 miles, the Synchro Float for lots of training, and just started with a pair of Shines that are lght and fast. The brand works for me.
            For me the socks that I wear make a huge difference. I wear either Wig-wam or Zulu brand. They both have the thicker toe coverage. I also usually get a whole size larger in my running shoes compared to my street shoes. I wear a 6.5 day to day but my running shoes are usually 7.5, although, my newest pair fit better in a 7.



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              I'm thinking the shoes may be too big. A full size bigger is more than enough to let you feet slip and slide around inside, and as you increase your mileage, you increase the time spent slipping and sliding.