Who will be running on the Christmas Holidays? (Running with a Christmas Hat on?) (Read 560 times)

not lazy, just tired

    Not sure. I'll be skiing in the morning (will wear my red parka and green pants) then home to eat pancakes and open presents. Might run after that, if I can roll out the door. I don't have a Santa hat though. Alas.

    Not if it makes sense.

    Just B.S.

      Not hat and no running today, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Once that is over I start training for

      my next marathon.


      Today is wrapping day and prep day for tomorrow's sit down dinner for 15.


      Then church tomorrow morning, dinner and clean up. The extended family won't be leaving until 6 or 7 pm.


      Our son is home from college 12 hours away and we only see him 3 times/year so spending time

      with him is  a big priority.


      My birthday is the 26th and the entire family is going to The Hobbit @ 1:30, then visit an Aunt, then dinner.


      Ran 9 yesterday and that will have to be good enough until the 27th.


      Enjoy your holiday in what ever form you celebrate!


      S Army Kettle run...

        Made a 7.5mi loop around town in full-Santa attire last weekend with a bunch of elves/ reindeer / and Mrs. Claus stopping at all the Salvation Army kettles on the route.  Big fun ....


        4miles this morning w / hat. 


        Chasing the bus

          So, the Christmas hat was a fun idea. I don't think many saw me, but a few did, and I don't know what they thought, but it was fun!

          “You're either on the bus or off the bus.”
          Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


          Not a dude

            I will be running tomorrow morning...and it just might be my first ever run in the show. I'm stupidly excited about it. Not sure about the Santa hat just yet though. Smile


            Fatty McFatFat

              No running today (Christmas Eve); I planned on it but just wasn't motivated to get out the door.  Tomorrow looks (relatively) gorgeous - mid-40s, which is nice for this time of year - so Christmas Day is yes.

                Yes, I'll be running! I am excited to take advantage of being able to run in the daylight on a weekday.

                +1, no Santa hat

                Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


                  9.5 miles today, but no Santa hat; it would make my head feel too hot.

                    Even though my knee is not working very well, I will be running the Midnight Special 5K in Whitehouse, Ohio on New Year's Eve at 11:45 pm.  Then I will run the Hangover Classic 5K on New Year's Day at 11:45 am in Monclova, Ohio.  I not wear a Santa hat, but I might wear my party hat.  If you're around, come on out and run!!


                       --- Sounds similar to what we have in the Virginia Beach area.  I am going to do the "Beat the Ball 5k" that starts at 11:35PM on 12/31.  I can do a 23 minute 5K so I will "Beat the ball" as it were and get a prize for that.  (A nice wine glass last yr).    Then on 1/1, we have the "Hair of the Dog 5K" which you can run in your party suit (men) or New Years eve party dress (ladies), or whatever your new years eve attire was the night before. (This is apparently for the people that got hung over and never changed after new years eve, just come straight to the race in whatever you have on!)


                      --- I did a 15-mile run today with the santa hat on...  About 12 people honked while I was running, but I forgot to take into consideration that I would not know which cars might honk when I was running so it scared the sh1t out of me a couple times when I was not expecting it :-)  Great run though.  Merry Christmas everyone!

                    The Plan '15 →   ///    "Run Hard, Live Easy."   ∞

                      No running today (Christmas Eve); I planned on it but just wasn't motivated to get out the door. 


                      Yeah, this was me too. I was a lazy bones today ... planned on it, but what do you know it's 6pm and now I've got a date with DH.


                        KLD: I also ran that 50k in VA Beach last weekend and remember seeing that woman! She actually beat me! Granted, I did see she was wearing a sign that stated she had run over 100 marathons. But still... not sure I could've run the race in that kind of outfit. I'm SO JEALOUS that you live in VA Beach and have access to those kind of trails all the time! Can't wait to go back and run at First Landing park again. I'm definitely in for the 50k again next year. So much fun!


                          Ran 12 this morning.  Need to run tomorrow as well because Wednesday is a SRD and a doctors appointment a couple hours drive away.  Wish I had a Santa hat that wouldn't get soggy in the rain.  Something to think on for next year. :-)

                            I ran in a Santa hat. Red tights, green top. Running club's annual Christmas Eve run This morning.


                              I have a hat that says "Bah Humbug"   I should wear it when I run tomorrow.  Big grin


                              Running is stupid


                                Yes to the running - 5 miles. And yes to the Santa hat. Although at 4:00 am no one was around to appreciate either one. Roll eyes


                                Have a great Christmas everyone!