RunningAHEAD licensed training log to Runner's World (Read 6753 times)

    Eric - love ya so much!
    Love you too Kooky!

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      I wouldn't use another running log if you paid me! Keep up the great work Eric, I hope the licensing helps you afford a few new pairs of Gel Kayanos! P.S. I just accepted a p/t gig leading a half marathon training group at The Running Room near me. ( - very excellent shops here in Canada and growing into the USA) I will be sure to point all of the students towards this site!

      Go Pre!

        I visited the RW site and checked out the log. It looks great there too, which is only a testament to you Eric. Your work here is so good there was nothing they needed to do to make it fit in with their existing site...and the cours fortuantely go well too so they hardly any need for them to even change the CSS! Kudos my friend.
          Congrats Eric! It's so cool to know you are the brains behind THE ULTIMATE RUNNING LOG! I know I'll be *here* for the long haul! Thanks for all you do. Big grin
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            Yeah, Eric! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! I am sooooo glad I found this site! Thanks!

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              Thanks to you Eric, you keep me running, swimming and biking for my triathlon training. Where would all of us be without you! I wish that the swimming page had intervals, or I could input my triathlon time in one log, not separated as bike, swim & run. No matter what, I will using RA FOREVER, and EVER!

              next race SHONAN MARATHON nov 3rd, 2012, OSAKA MARATHON nov 25th, i am aiming for nyc!


                Eric, congratulations!!! It's good to see your hard work paying off. What you've created here is quite an accomplishment.

                  congratulations! I have really enjoyed using this site, and I wish you the best as you continue! Thanks a lot!
                    Thanks for answering my questions and I am looking forward to see what is instore for RA. Runningxccoach

                      Hi Eric. I love this site and tell anyone I meet who doesn't complete a log to get onto your site. I'll be sticking with you and thanks for providing such a great tool for us all to use. Much appreciated.

                        Congratulations Eric Smile When I first started running a little over a year ago, I started logging my runs here. It was easy to use and never did me wrong. There's no way in hell I'm going to stop logging my runs here. Besides, I don't like change LOL.

                          Given the benefits I've got out of using your site, its great to hear you also getting some rewards. Good luck to you, enjoy the adulation! Richard, Melbourne Australia
                            I would like to add my congratulations. Congratulations!
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                              Eric, Hope this agreement works out well for you. I just hope RW does not start trying to bully you around in an effort to take you over. RA works so well for those of us who are not runners, that I am afraid if RW ever gained control, we would be left out in the cold. Sad Keep up the good work. Big grin


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                                The fact that Runner's World is in my opinion the best authority in running on a printed magazine, proves to me that I really chose wisely earlier this year. I saw your website then, and thought that this was the best online running log program I've ever seen. I still feel that way. Proof of this, is that it has everything I could ever want, to the point, that I'm not even interested in "straying" to other sites to see what's better (however, out of curiousity, I had to see the Runner's World version - amazing!) I'm really proud of you Eric. You've done a great thing here, for all of us. Running Ahead has become part of my exercise regimen. It's a place where I can reward myself for seeing all of the hard work I did prior to sitting down and entering the data. Thanks Again!!!! Big grin