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    I got a coupon at Big Sur for a free pair of Asics (because our Boston 2 Big Sur jackets were not ready on time).


    I know nothing about Asics... can someone recommend a model that is light and cushioned, preferably with a decent heel-toe drop?

      Do they even still make the Hyperspeed? That used to be my marathon shoe and I liked it a lot back before Asics started to just turn out garbage.


      mta: indeed they do.

      Runners run.


        They come in pretty colors


        Ask for the Gel Noosa



        Running is stupid


          I've had a pair of these for a few months and done up to 15 miles in them -



          I've run in the PureCadence, Mirage, Kinvara, Fastwitch, and these felt different from anything I'd worn in the past.  I noticed the first few runs I did in them, I'd hear my foot smacking the ground really loudly.  The shoe took some getting used to but I've really come to like it a lot.


            Hoka One. Huge cushioning but still a low 4mm heel drop and 10.4 ounces, they are no heavier than most cushioned running shoes.


            I've been using them since I got plantar fasciitis and they've really helped.



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