Maine Half Marathon RR (Read 770 times)

    Congrats on a great race Jeff.  As you well know I too am really enjoying watching you improve with each race, unlike some of the others here I have been able to get a first hand view of it all!  I still think it's a bit funny as you passed me on your way back that I didn't recognize you at first with that new haircut.  You are really becoming quite the speedster, I can't wait until next years marathon and I'm pretty sure I'll be at the finish cheering you on after finishing the half, hopefully I'll be able to get some video as you cruise to victory.


    Hope to see you this weekend.

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      Hey Jeff, you guys up front must be running so fast that there's some form of tunnel warp speed effect or something, because the "Half Marathon Turn Ahead" sign measures a good 4' x 6' as you head up the hill.  And by the time us jogger-types get there, there are always a couple volunteers screaming 'half to the left..'. I'll bet they were distracted by the speed and bow wave coming off you guys.  Wink  Was counting the leaders and kept looking for you in as the leaders came storming back down 88, but must have missed you.

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        Bob, I'll be in Hartford this weekend supporting my uncle as he runs his first marathon. Andy, I was just talking with Tracey the other day about how it can be tricky being up front. First, faster runners are often strung out and run "alone" for large stretches of longer races, so we are more dependent on flaggers, etc. to keep us from getting lost. It was my fault I missed the turnaround, but a sign would have been nice because I was so in the zone that I wasn't hearing anything but the wind and my breathing. Found out later that the guy I was following past the turn finished 2nd in the marathon. Oh, and you probably didn't recognize me cuz I shaved my head the other day!

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