My running partner died today. Please pray... (Read 2871 times)

    We were on a 13 mile run.  We hit 8 miles and I was about 10 paces in front when I hear, "Oh shit..."

    I turn around to see my best friend collapse, unconscious.

    He had a heart attack and died. 
    I did CPR to the best of my ability, but he was dead before the EMT's arrived.


    Please pray for his family.  He leaves behind a wonderful wife and 2 kids.  

      Prayers for your friend's family and you.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Mark, I am so sorry...for you, and for his family.  I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling. Sad

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          awful tragedy man, sorry you had to go through that.


          things like this can often bring friends and families closer together, hopefully everyone involved will keep his memory close.


          you can take comfort in knowing he died doing something he enjoyed.

          Non ducor, duco.

            wow.  Im so sorry to hear of your loss. 

            I'm back.

              That is so sad. I'm very sorry Sad



              Feeling the growl again

                OMG.  Prayers for his family and I am sorry you had to go through that.  I can only imagine.

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                  i am so sorry.  my thought and prayers are with all.



                  Just run.

                    Will pray this morning.  I'm very sorry for the loss for you and his family.  very sad.

                    - Joe

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                    Ostrich runner

                      Oof. This is horrible. 


                      Headed out for the long run with my buddies in a few. Think I'm gonna suggest we all get recertified. 


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                        How horribly shocking and sad this is just to read. I can't imagine what you are going through. Prayers are with you all. Being recertified is a good idea. Thinking of you, Kristen


                        Oof. This is horrible. 


                        Headed out for the long run with my buddies in a few. Think I'm gonna suggest we all get recertified. 

                          My thoughts are with you, and the friends and family of your running partner.  I really can't imagine how you feeling.

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                            Oh, man, what a shocking thing.  I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what it must be like to lose your best friend.

                            L Train

                              My friends and I joke about this all the time which now seems about the dumbest thing ever.  I'm very sorry for your loss. 


                              Maggie & Molly

                                I can not begin to know what you are going through.  My thoughts are with you and the family of your friend. 

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