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    Very minor navigational suggestion


    If I go to Training Log/Workouts, and then edit one, it would be nice if it would always take me back to the Training Log/Workouts list afterward.


    Similarly, after going to Training Log/Upload Data, and then saving one segment of the just uploaded workouts, it would be nice if it would always go back to the Training Log/Upload Data list afterward.


    What it does now, I think, is it takes me back to the last RA page that I visited from any browser tab in any window. That means that I just quoted someone's message in some forum in another tab (while waiting for the save workout to complete), then the window in which I saved the workout then pulls back up a new copy of the quoted message -- as if I wanted to again quote it in a new message. This seems pretty odd, when it happens.


    Or if I was looking at someone else's workout list, to copy some data off their workout, then the tab in which I saved my workout may take me to their workout list after it saves.  This can be confusing, as it appears at first glance as though I am back in my workouts list, until I realize they aren't mine.

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.