Importing Runners World Training Logs? (Read 991 times)

    Any possibility in the near future? Thanks Bob
      Does Runners World let you export your log? That'd be a prerequisite...

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Yes they do...I tried this afternoon, got an error from the RA log that it couldnt import. Bob
          digitalguy3, RA currently does not accept the file that you export, which means that it won't accept files from RW, yet. I will be adding this for the new log. You can start using your log now or wait until I create the importer for it. May I ask why you wish to leave RW, since both logs are technically the same until I release the new log in a month or so, depending on how many bugs the beta users will find. eric :-)
            Eric, The reason for leaving RW is I would like to have my logs in one place and I really like RA. I will wait for the upgrade. Thanks Bob

              Dear all,


              After several years using Runners Training Log, I have decided that I needed a change. I have chosen Running Ahead because it features the possibility to import all my previos data from RW. I have downloaded both zip files (xml and txt) and tried importing them to RA, but it doesn't seem to work.


              Any ideas? Thank you very much.


                What kind of problem are you experiencing with the import?


                eric Smile


                  eric Smile,


                  Thanks a lot for your quick reply.


                  I have tried uploading both files twice (zipped and unzipped) and I keep on receiving this error message:


                  "This file cannot be imported. Possible reasons are:

                  • Your data file is not in the correct format.
                  • The file is in a new format.
                  • There is a bug in the importer code.

                  If you are certain that the file has no errors, please contact me for assistance."


                  They are both under 20Mb.


                  Best regards,