Apple iPod Shuffles...Old and New...Refurbs from Apple Store...Great for we runners!!! (Read 601 times)

    http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/6744003/wo/lg7uW2ZUEOE731H94SK15uvl9DM/ Apple Certified Refurbished iPod shuffle (current generation) Refurbished iPod shuffle 1GB - Silver Holds up to 240 songs Up to 12 hours of music playback 0.55 ounce 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 inches (including clip) Apple Earphones Included dock Learn More • Save 38% off the original price Original price: $79.00 Your price: $49.00 Estimated Ship: Within 24 hours Add Apple Certified Refurbished iPod shuffle (previous generation) AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod nano or iPod shuffle extends the 90 days of complimentary support and one-year warranty on your iPod to up to two years of world-class support and service. Learn More Price: $39.00 Estimated Ship: Within 24 hours Hi Friends! I run with an iPod Shuffle and love it! If you do not have an MP3 player...the price is worth checking them out. I build different playlists on my iTunes and then load them on the shuffle depending on my mood. And, if you get the current one, it clips to your shirt, hat, etc. Cheers, Norm
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      I ditto Norm's enthusiasm for this! I LOVE my mini shuffle clip! It is perfect for running. I was lugging a Mini around, but purchased this shuffle when it became available in Pink, with free engraving on the back, just before my last Marathon - what a world of difference! Go for it!! Smile My only complaint is Apple's reluctance to let us move our music around. My household of 4 people has 6 Ipods, each with different uses/mixes, but Apple makes it sooo difficult totransfer from one to another, and use different computers to access the songs!
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        I'd definitely pay the $10 more and go w/ the current gen Shuffle. I love mine. Just be real careful do don't run it through the laundry (knock on wood). Cheers, Jeff

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          Man, that is a great deal, thanks. BTW I dropped mine (1st generation shuffle) in a Jacuzzi and when it dried out it was fine. A friend put hers through the washing machine and it's working fine too!

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            personally i have a minor loathing of apple products and their software, but then i bought an ipod shuffle (the new one with a clip) and its fantastic for running, i use it all the time,best £50 i've spent for a while. clip it to your shorts and off you go, even the volume output can block out most traffic noises or other gym music. downside is the clunky software you have to use, itunes. mediamonkey personal edition remedies that problem for me, as it can talk to any ipod and is certainly easier to use than itunes in my opinion.