No maps for runs before 7/13/12 (Read 27 times)

    I just noticed that my older runs no longer have maps attached to them.  I spot checked runs on 6/21/09, 8/13/11, 8/15/11, 8/18/11, 6/8/12, 7/1/12, 7/8/12, and 7/10-12/2012 and found that none of them have maps attached.  Runs starting on 7/13/12 do have maps attached.  All of those runs should have GPS data.


    Has anyone else noticed this?

    eric :)

      Hi Afty,

      I created a new format moving forward to store workout data.  The new workout view is using it.  The code that converts between the old and new format is not working properly. Your data is still there,  it's just not properly rendered correctly.  I'll have it fixed asap.


      eric Smile

        Thanks Eric!