Would you run if it were not for the internet? (Read 967 times)


    I would undoubtedly still run, but I certainly wouldn't have this rich imaginary life......and all youse unusual imaginary friends!


    Running is stupid

    Feeling the growl again

      Wanting to improve my running led me to RA. RA got me involved in Beer Miles and Mileage Throwdowns. Thanks RA!.....I think. Big grin


      Blame me for the former...I still blame you for the latter.  Wink


      It's pretty lonely the way I train now, but thanks to the internet (specifically RA) at least I was able to find a couple locals as nuts as myself to share some of it with.

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        You are one of many people who make me thankful that CR imploded.  I'd be missing out on some really amazing friendships had you all not migrated here.  The migration was really overwhelming at the time...but once the growing pains dissipated it made RA all the more awesome. Smile Had CR not been FUBARd I'd not know about Chipotle margaritas, for instance! Evil

         It was right after my failed marathon that I joined RA...I remember your Hermey avatar!  But it was the run lots, mostly easy, sometimes hard that really clicked with me from that big monkey and kept me around...so, again, Trent, I don't think I would still be running if it were not for the internet. 


          I ran before I had internet - Yes I would run without it. 


          But ... I may be a different type of runner or maybe I would be doing something else than running ... So I guess I do not know.


          Why did I ever do a 24 hour race?  Because I read a race report for FANS24 on the internet.

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            knifey sighting


              knifey sighting

               I'm a nostalgic SOB so you can usually count on a thread like this bringing me out to the GSP.


                I miss the guinea pig picture



                I run. Therefore I am.

                  I ran before the internet.  I've run before gps, mp3 and hrms.  They're all fine and good...I use them and enjoy them, but don't have to have them and would certainly run without them. 


                  In fact, my goal/wish is to one day run without anything at all...except a baseball cap....no gps, no stopwatch, no t-shirt...well you get the idea...

                  You don't need shoes to run anymore than you need a hat to think.

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                    I'd still be running 6mi/week on a treadmill, or "trying to get into running again" for 2 weeks, then sit on the couch for 2mo.  Wash-rinse-repeat.


                    This bout of "trying to get into running again" was fortified by RunKeeper, a twitter-like site that allows you to plot your route on a map to get the distance.  I always guessed at the route-distance or used my car's odometer.  RK was a LOT more satisfying by feeding my inner-data-geek.  That and trading run-posts with a friend.


                    However, while RunKeeper got me past the first 2 months it is RunningAHEAD that has been the truly valuable resource.  I've stopped twitter posting with RK and DM.  Instead, all I do is manage the pretty colors and heights of my graphs on the summary page.


                    Without the internet-quasi community, I wouldn't be running more than 15mi/week even if I stuck with it.


                    Without RA I would already be injured.


                    Thanks Eric Smile, and everyone else who comprises the wisdom and encouragement this site offers.

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                      Hmmm... probably would be running, probably would not be doing more than HM as my first marathon was not wanting to be left out of the party when a bunch of moms in my online mommy group decided to do a charity marathon. I dunno, maybe I would have eventually, it was always one of those back of mind bucket list things.


                      I sure as hell wouldnt have done that stupid ass Monkey marathon.

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                        I'm not sure I can add anything more to this post besides I think Facebook is STUPID. Maybe I'm too old to think its cool or useful?


                        Most of my FB friends are runners, esp. trail and ultra runners. On particularly cruddy days, it's always fun to see who did what that day. And race pictures get posted on FB. It's a way of sharing race experiences after everyone has gone home. We can easily follow winter ultras (the 350mi and 1000mi kind) on FB with interaction from people who've done the race before as well as observers from various parts of the world (Alaska isn't the only place with winter). Definitely better commentary than you might get from some professional media (some exceptions).


                        My friends who aren't runners are mtn bikers or trail workers / advocates. FB is a great way to share across the normal boundaries.


                        I'm careful to select who my friends are on FB.


                        For me, FB is about real-world local running whereas RA, RW, etc are more about running in a make-believe land where you don't have snow on the ground as many months and don't have snow in a race on May 12 (and it wasn't even in the mountains). Wink



                        PS: Should add that I got onto FB because a nearby running series had setup a public FB page. While I didn't need to join to read, I soon wanted to say something, like thank the RDs for a great race. And from there ...    It makes interaction among runners easier than setting up a website with a group interaction capacity.

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                          I do love fb. I have quite a few running fb friends, from both RA and real life. My job keeps me at home all day, every day, with virtually no contact with adults, so it's my connection to the outside world. RA definitely has influenced my running more, but I get lots of encouragement from my fb friends, too. I also enjoy encouraging them. Smile

                            I miss the guinea pig picture

                             I was going to say oink, before I remembered guinea pigs don't oink.  I temporarily confused it with that pig I found while running last year.

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                               I think this is my most favoritest avatar you have ever had! 


                              It certainly has some very funny memories associated with it (I think the cab driver at the corner was kinda scared of the 2 crazy, dehydrated, drunks on the bench in the middle of the day).  Memories that are entirely the result of "membership" here on RA...so, yeah, I have to thank the interwebs for that.

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                                I'd have started and stopped running a dozen times by now.  I need to see my effort in those little graphs and it almost guilts me to get out if there is too big a space between the pretty bars.


                                Plus who else would give me all the answers except RA members.

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