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Maggie & Molly


    7 feet tall it is!



    i love the new widgets

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    HF 4363


      There was a javascript error for future goals which prevented the rest of the page to render.  It is fixed.

      Perfect, much appreciated. Cheers!

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        Nice work Eric! It took me about 30 seconds to customize everything the way I had it before the upgrade. Good stuff.

        Runners run


        not bad for mile 25

          Slick.  Looks great, works great. Smile

            Thanks Santa,very easy to use, The goal widget was just what i was wanting for christmas


            AKA bear2009

              Thank you very much!

              2013 Goals:

              1. Start, stay, and finish the year uninjured!

                Love it all.  Thank you so much Eric.  The goal widget is awesome and the ease of playing with the layout is fantastic.  You are the best.

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                  I too shall squeee.



                    Thanks Eric


                      Looks great Eric!  Thanks


                      Now that I have a mini Holiday streak going, I like the new streak stats!



                      2018 Goals

                      Figure out the achilles thing...... and THEN try to get running regularly again.

                      No racing goals 


                        I noticed that change and thought it seemed like a good improvement. The location is better for the widgets but they don't work for me. Seems like when I login lately ther is 50% change my summary page is not what I expect and i can't add any widgets. I can delete items but not add anything. Lost my little calendar which the colored squares that I loved. Help!


                        Ah, never mind. Figured it out. Shoudln't attempt complex computing after running 17 miles when you haven't run that far in a while. #runnerbrain

                        "run" "2" "eat"

                          THANKS ERIC!


                          i look at my summary at least twice per day -- before and after activities... and now... i can't remember what it looked like. ha! what a dork i am. i'll just go create something new and wonderful.

                          i find the sunshine beckons me to open up the gate and dream and dream ~~robbie williams


                            I like what I see so far. Love the goal widget!


                              Digging the changes!



                                If you specify your height in your user profile (in options), the scale will also display your BMI range too Smile


                                Being in the red is a good thing, right? I remember something about power bands from my days driving a standard transmission....  Big grin