Garmin Express still only compatible with Garmin Connect? (Read 465 times)


    I've never been able to get the 310XT uploading to RA.


    Is there a sequence of steps that anyone has been able to go through to get it working? Garmin Express is not installed.


    The data syncs and appears on Garmin Connect. Manual upload of the .TCX file is always an option.

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    Blake Mitchell

      I just bought a refurbished Garmin 310XT. Ran yesterday and the data uploaded no problem. Today's run will not, however. Yesterday's will upload again if I uncheck that top box "Import new workouts only." So it still seems to be reading my device. Any ideas? As far as I know, I've never installed Garmin Connect or Garmin Express. (For what it's worth, I've tried using Firefox [my default browser] and Safari. I'm running Mac OS Yosemite.)


      Edit: The workaround I found was to upload the data to Garmin Express and then export back to RA by uploading the tcx file. A little disappointing to go through all those steps since part of the reason I got the 310 in the first place was because I was sick of how cumbersome and time consuming the upload process was from my 305. Sigh. Oh well, at least I have a new watch that connects to the satellites quickly, can get wet in the pool after a run, and has numbers big enough to read in the dark on the fly.


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        Any word on this?  The warning screen has been on the upload tab since early December.


        Currently I can't upload to RA.  My only workaround is I use my 910xt to connect to the ANT agent, which auto uploads to Garmin Connect and Strava.  I go into GC, export a TCX file, then open RA, upload from file and use that TCX file.


        I've used RA mainly pretty well since it started, 2006 I think?  I hope the connectivity comes around again soon!

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          The biggest reason I never went to the 310XT (and 910XT) is that there is no option for direct USB connection.  You really get a huge bang for you buck with those watches now but ANT+ communication just seems less stable than the tried-n-true USB transfer.  Though the FR220 can connect wirelessly I almost always use the USB clip to transfer data to RA.  Always works.  Even if it didn't upload via Communicator I could always just upload the FIT file directly from the watch. No intermediate steps in either case.  I like.



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            Totally agree with you, I complained to Garmin many times that relying on magic waves is ridiculous.  I liked my 305 because of the direct connection, however it had limited functions for what I need.  My bike edge 500 is direct usb and works fine.

            Garmin replied to me with:

            "Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

            I would be happy to help you today. You are using an old program. The GarminCommunicator Plug In and the ANT+ Agent have been discontinued. The replacement software that you need is called the Garmin Express program, you can get it here:


            You will still need to have the ANT+ Stick plugged into the computer. Garmin Express will then pair up and find your device. Please let me know if you need any further assistance."


            I know Eric works like mad to keep RA awesome, has Garmin handcuffed him with this Express issue?

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            Blake Mitchell

              Glad to hear you're having success with your FR220. The problem I was having (and always had) with my 305 USB connection was the upload was slow and really buggy. I often had to attempt the upload 4-5 times per workout. I'm not sure I would buy this 310XT again knowing what I know now, but economics did play into it. I found this 310 refurb for $115 and comes with a 1-year warranty. And since it functions almost identically to my 305 in most ways, there was zero learning curve. I've got enough other things to worry about during a run than which buttons to push, etc.


              Edit: Yes, apparently Garmin has shut out sites like RA with their proprietary software. It's a drag for us, but I still like the product. I'm old enough to remember relying on a simple chronograph and then trying to measure courses later in my car.


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                Hah!  Me too, for trails and pathways that I didn't know the distance on, it drove my OCD through the roof.  I would bike them with my old spoke magnet/sensor Cateye bike computer rolling, I'd ride no hands so I could jot down reference points and distances on my notepad.  It still did the job.

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                  Blake, I had the same types of issues with my 205/305 in that sometimes the upload would fail and lock up the browser I was using.  Had to open Taskmanager to kill the browser window to re-try.  What I finally found that helped on the 305 was to delete the workouts from the watch once they were uploaded.  This seemed to reduce the frequency of the upload fails.

                  The 220, so far, has been pretty much flawless in uploading.  Of course, I know that Garmin is going away from the style of uploading that the 220 uses and the 220 USB clip is not their long-term solution.  Sigh.


                    Well, they are back to using a USB clip with the 920. And the existing Mac Garmin Communicator plugin seems to work just fine, discontinued or not.

                      Good to know on the 920.  The Windows Communicator USB upload has always worked perfectly with my 220, even with Express installed.



                        I just bought a 920XT and used it for the first time today.  I had zero problems uploading to RA and Garmin Connect with the USB.  It says it's syncing with my phone via Bluetooth, but my phone is only showing 328 steps, after a 4.5-mile run.  All this after wearing only a watch for my first 27-1/2 years of marathons & triathlons.  Figured it was time to embrace technology.

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                          I'm not really a fan of the "magic waves" that my 610 uses to upload to Ant+.  Kinda annoying listening to it buzz in failure all night.

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                            Instead of paying $5000 for the API, why not sync off of Garmin connect like https://tapiriik.com/?  I know it's not ideal but it is at least a short term fix.


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                                Is it okay to download Garmin Express or should I wait?