Problem renaming workout type (Read 43 times)

    I had a running workout type Easy, that somehow wound up with a purple color, I think as a result of something I did a few years ago. I'd rather it be green. I remember being unable to change it a while back.


    I tried harder today. When I tried to change the color, and hit Save, I got this:


    "This workout type already exists and cannot be added"


    Presumably there is something special about the name "Easy", as that doesn't happen with other workout types.


    So today I decided to be more clever... I changed the name to "Easy 2", then changed the color to green. Success! Now, to just change it back to "Easy"... but I can't. Same error message (even though there is now, in fact, no workout type I can see called "Easy"). Alas, even if I include various whitespace, which I guess is stripped out.


    So now I've broken my workout name and can't fix it. Help!




    MTA same problem with "Tempo" workout. Thinking back, this started when I started a Hansons plan, and decided to use "Easy" / "Tempo" instead of the (roughly) equivalent "Recovery" and "MP" / "LT" I'd been using for Pfitzinger plans. Subtle distinctions, but I'm just that way. I guess Easy and Tempo have some built-in meaning.

      Hi Bob,

      The built in workout types retain their underlying names even if you rename them.  Easy is your recovery (it has a numeric id of 1), and tempo is your LT (with an id of  5).  I really shouldn't allow users to rename the built in ones, but I allowed it because non-English speakers might want to rename them to their native terms.  If I localize RA, then the problem goes away...


      eric Smile

        OK... but (1) I am still confused about how I managed to create additional "Easy" and "Tempo" workout types in the first place, and (2) I'm kind of screwed now, because I have hundreds of runs that used to be "Easy" and are now "Easy 2", which I can't rename back to "Easy". Nor can I (as far as I know) batch convert them to the "actual" easy workout type, now named "Recovery".