Nike plus (Read 811 times)

    Does anyone here have the Nike + widget? I was thinking of getting one (I don't need a Garmin since I can't think of any time when I would need GPS. Does it work on the new ipod Nanos? Thanks

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      I got one for Christmas and am testing it out. So far, so good. I don't know if it fits the new nanos, but I would suppose so.

        I've been using mine for a couple of months on and off, and I like it so far. It measures distances reasonably accurately, and the battery hasn't pooped out on me yet Big grin I do wish it let you program in time or distance intervals, but overall it's a good value for what I paid ($30). Oh, and I've been using it with one of the new-generation Nanos, so it does work with them. I've also been sneakily using it with non-Nike shoes (shh!).
          i like it fine. it's a handy little doo-dad most of the time, esp if you don't have a gps unit. however, apparently its calibration goes to poop if you travel long distances through the air with it, even if you turn it "off" (sleep mode). that's my current experience at least.
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