My Music! (Read 45 times)

    Hi all!


    I wrote a song! Let me know what you think!!




    Thanks for checking it out all.


    Happy running,


      Terrific song, Stephen. I love the guitar work, double tracked--full sound, can really hear the  grit of the strings---topped with melodic flourishes. The choice to use a full guitar sound really contrasts your voice nicely, which is mixed thinner and dry. Fun lyrics. I like how you played the melody underneath the voice. It works (like it worked in Norwegian Wood). The whole thing has this mood of...of...easy with energy. Great work.  I'd call that art. You have more somewhere?

        Answered my own question: yes you do. Sable Island.

          Thanks a bunch! The music that is there is not in a particular canon. That is what I am working to attain now; a collection of music with a particular style and concept.


          I really appreciate the comments and you checking it out!