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    Hey - I read the review (ok- I still have a couple pages to finish) - But the new Garmin Fenix 2 seems almost perfect for me! $400 is still steep, but this watch offers a lot of cool features. Probably a couple years before other watches catch up. Not sure when I will make the plunge, but this watch is so far ahead of the pack, it is the only one I am considering for my next watch.



    • Bluetooth (for phone updates of workouts) 
    • ANT (for other connections - HR, Foot Pod, Temperature, and PC uploads)  - But cant use both Blue and ANT at same time..
    • TRI watch (dont have to enter workout Type every time you upload?) 
    • Open Water GPS
    • Accurate Lap Readings in Pool 
    • Internal Accelerometer (maybe not perfect, but for times of GPS loss, it switches over and then back to GPS when available) 
    • Good battery conservation (turns off GPS when not in use - fast finding of satelites when turned on) 
    • Virtual Partner (I have had this option on watches and dont use it ) 
    • Running Dynamics (Cadence, Vertical Oscillation, Ground Contact Time) 
    • Training Dynamics (VO2 Max Estimator, Race Predictor, Recovery Advisor, Recovery Check, Training Effect) 
    • Multisport Mode (able to setup then quickly move through sports in a race) - 
    • Great Battery Options (Lasts 15 hrs of workout with 1-second GPS grabs - Also allows 60-second GPS samples and turns off ANT - ? how much longer does battery last? ) 
    • Receive Text Messages on Watch when connected via Bluetooth to phone - Pretty cool option. Makes it a little like one of those Samsung watches. Not really functional for most of my runs, but maybe for 3-8hr bike rides? 


    Some things Id like to have in my Ideal watch -

    • Live data (wifi & 3G uploads of pace / location) 
    • Camera (to take shots of wildlife) 
    • Text / Paging ability ( to tell family ETA, or HELP! ) - and to get important texts (the meeting was cancelled / moved up) 
    • Internal Temperature sensor (ok- this could be difficult due to body heat and clothing) 
    • Great battery - GPS watches are great, but can be a battery drain. 
    • Multi sport mode should have Pool option as well as Open Water Swim.

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      I have had a Fenix 2 since the very first week they became available and it does do a lot of cool stuff that I thought I would use. I probably used it for 1,000 or so of the 1,500 miles I have run for the year, but now I am using my FR15 for running and the Fenix 2 has been relegated to biking and swimming (neither of which I do that much of). If you like to use a HR monitor at all then forget about the BT features. I don't neccessarily regret the purchase, but my old 305 had a rock solid GPS track and did HRM and the FR15 that I have been using is nice because it is so much smaller (and cheaper). Feel free to message me if you have any questions.